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5 Movies That Will Give You Fall Vibes Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

We know things are tough on the Suncoast this fall, with Hurricane Ian’s cleanup and so much on everyone’s plate. While you might not feel totally in the fall vibe yet, we have an idea of how to change that. We thought a movie list of viewings to take you away for an hour and a half or so to Hollywood’s magical fall locations would be just the thing to spark some joy in this season we are in the middle of currently. Here is our list of seven movies sure to spark the love of fall once again.

While You Were Sleeping

I might be biased as this is one of my top three movies, but the autumn and winter scenes are sure to get you in a cozy mood. When Lucy, a transit worker, sees her longtime crush, Peter, fall into the path of an oncoming train, she jumps into action to save his life. With Peter in a coma, his family starts to think that Lucy is his fiancé—a mistake she doesn’t correct. They welcome her with open arms, but things get even messier when she begins to have feelings for Peter’s brother.

Dead Poets Society

One movie that is inextricably linked with fall, Dead Poets Society, is set during the fall semester of a boys’ private school. The movie’s genuine appreciation for fine art and Robin Williams’ central performance as a teacher who encourages his students to really experience the world is one of his finest. Dead Poets Society ends on a tragic but hopeful note, and it’s the perfect movie to turn on if you want to cry gently into a heartwrenching ending.

October Sky

October Sky is based on the lives of four young men who grew up in Coalwood, West Virginia. Much of the film photography took place in rural East Tennessee and features some amazing moving scenery and wonderful performances. This might not be as big a box office success as others, but it is sure to be a feel-good movie and a Fall season good vibe viewing option.

Friday Night Lights

Football and fall go hand in hand. If you haven’t seen this film, which is a must-see football film – stream it today! Billy Bob Thornton and a cast that is sure to draw you into a headline this film. Even if you don’t love the sport, this is one film that should pull you in for a good night of movie-watching.

Knives Out

Fall goes with mysteries like Chris Evans goes with cable knit, which is to say, perfectly. With its massive, Clue-level ensemble cast of colorful characters stuffed into a giant mansion on a misty, rain-soaked hill surrounded with harvest-toned foliage, Knives Out is a Fall Movie, and proud of it. We’re in the mood to reflect for whatever reason, and this film checks all the cozy mystery boxes. 

So, did you just run to your streaming service and add a few of these? How many have you seen? Did you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? We hope that fall is a cooler and more joyous time for everyone here on the Suncoast. Hopefully, a little movie magic with some popcorn, friends, and family will be just the thing to spark some happiness with this changing season.

Happy fall movie viewing, Suncoast!

Photo Courtesy of Deposit Photos

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