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Holiday Movies

10 Holiday Movies to Binge Watch This Holiday Season Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

It’s that time of year again when we gather indoors for celebrations of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Many of us also like to get in the spirit with some movie-watching goodness. Whether you have a traditional movie you watch every year or are just looking for a great option, this year, we have compiled a list of the 10 Holiday Movies you need to add to your binge-watching list for the Holiday Season.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946 – NR)

No Holiday movie list would be complete without this classic staring Jimmy Steward and George Baily. This is the feel-good movie about a frustrated businessman showing what life would have been like if he had never existed. The angel getting wings each time a bell rings a wonderful symbolism that was started by this movie.

Holiday Movies

Elf (2003-PG)

Truly this is the movie to keep both old and young engaged. Will Ferrell is comedic gold, and if you make it through the entire thing without a hearty laugh or two, you truly are the Grinch this Christmas. There are some adult humor pieces in this one but still a totally adorable movie to put you in a jolly good mood this holiday season.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965 – NR)

This beloved Christmas film featuring Snoopy and Charlie Brown has been a holiday staple worldwide for over fifty years now. This year, introduce a new generation to this fun holiday romp to kick the season off in great cartoonish fashion.

Home for the Holidays (1995 – PG-13)

Here is an addition to the list for the Thanksgiving holiday, and you are going to buckle in for a crazy ride. Much like family dynamics in real life, this movie has its share of crazy antics as a single mom travels home alone for the first time to Thanksgiving. We can all relate to the crazy cast of aunts, uncles, in-laws, and more in this humorous holiday romp.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987-R)

Two powerhouse comics in Steve Martin and John Candy starred in this take on the Thanksgiving holiday gone wrong. This is definitely not a children’s movie but will have the adults laughing out loud. If you have not seen this one, be prepared for a classic performance by these two greats that will liven up your Thanksgiving celebrations.

The Polar Express (2004 – G)

This Robert Zemeckis animated tale featuring Tom Hanks as the conductor on a train ride to the North Pole is simply a must-see. A young boy who believes takes the most fantastical ride one could ever imagine. Adapted from a classic children’s tale that won awards for author Chris Van Allsburg long before the movie became a reality, this is a truly special holiday tale for the entire family to enjoy.

Holiday Movies

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993 – PG)

This movie can serve as both a great Halloween and a wonderfully scary Christmas movie-watching experience. While this is an animated film, small children may still be scared by some of the elements of this movie. Truly a great movie-making effort on this film and one that has been a fan favorite since it was released.

Black Christmas (1974 – R)

Now we know not everyone likes sweet and frompy holiday movies, so for those horror fans reading this, we added a classic slasher film for your viewing pleasure. About a sorority house, with some way to realistic slasher film moments, this one has stood the test of time, still making two ten holiday lists year after year for gore officiandos.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018 – PG )

Featuring Kurt Russell as Santa Clause this is a fresh, fun tale of a plan to kidnap Santa on Christmas Eve that goes horribly awry. Santa some merry elves and a lot of mishaps make this engaging movie a fun watch. Also, did we mention there was a section done in 2020 to even further extend your streaming fun this holiday season?

While You Were Sleeping (1995 – PG)

Okay, I have a confession this made the list only because it is my all-time favorite Christmas movie and by far my go-to romantic comedy since it came out. Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock and a fantastic cast of characters bring this silly mistaken identity, a man in a coma and family that is always meddling plotline to the screen with perfect comedic timing.

So – did one of your tried and true movie favorites make the list? Did you find a new one that you need to try for this holiday season? From cartoons to classics, there is a movie for everyone to help set the mood for an amazing season of movie magic and memory-making moments together. Happy watching all!

Photos Courtesy of Deposit Photos, Unsplash and Pexels

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