When I was five years old, my father brought home a present for me! It was a 45 rpm record of The Beatles, “A Hard Day’s Night”.  I played that over and over on my little record player along with the “B” side, “I Should Have Known Better”.  I reallyContinue Reading


Over the weekend in Clearwater, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Robin Zander, lead singer of one of America’s greatest rock bands, Cheap Trick, stepped on stage for the first time in six months! He played three sold-out acoustic shows with his singer/songwriter son, Robin Taylor Zander.  He came gearedContinue Reading


There are many talented musicians on the West Coast of Florida! They include the frontmen like Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, and Joe Perry of Aerosmith who have claimed the Suncoast area as their homes for years. There are musicians who have played in bands asContinue Reading


The St. Pete Pier is celebrating their Grand Opening this week! An incredible new addition to the already uber-popular downtown waterfront! It spans 26 acres and came at a price tag of $92 million! There is something for everyone from kids to fishermen. For art lovers, there are various worksContinue Reading


Embracing our Differences over the years When I was a teen, I used to skip school and go hang out at Sarasota Bayfront Park. Back then, it was called “Island Park” and it will always be that to me. Before the statues and the fountains for the kids, Island ParkContinue Reading