I never thought I would smile seeing advertisements for Christmas.  This never happened to me before.  Actually, some of the commercials are so heartwarming that I got choked up. A Quieter Thanksgiving in 2020 This Thanksgiving was a quiet one for many of us.  Following social distancing practices, dinners wereContinue Reading


Please take a moment to consider this article and my personal thoughts fully before responding, as I certainly acknowledge what a tough topic a mask can be. I realize that this topic is sensitive for so many reasons, but it has weighed heavy on my heart and mind of late.Continue Reading


July 5th, 2020 was a game-changer for me.  I call it a Covid19 related circumstance that blindsided me!  Well, it was a situation that I had to re-group fast and figure out “stuff!” Little did I realize that these inconveniences would soon lead to my best summer ever. Pandemic TravelContinue Reading


We lost a great one yesterday. I am so sad and heartbroken to announce that GoTonight.com founder, and a dear friend to so many, Don McKeon has passed away.   Our prayers and love go out to Don’s wonderful wife, Joni Luckenbill, and his entire family.  As Sheree Englehardt, Don’s businessContinue Reading


It was all over the news this morning.  Michelle Obama came out and said she has “low-grade depression.”  That’s right, the former First Lady of the United States” came clean!  I watched the segment about her on the “Today Show” and it’s all over the tabloids.  She says “racial inequalityContinue Reading