Thanksgiving is my favorite nondenominational holiday – perfect in every way. What could be wrong with delicious food, often in excess, that brings family and friends together, without the hassle or stress of exchanging gifts? It was also my late father’s favorite holiday. Early Thanksgiving morning, he and my mother would driveContinue Reading


Wearing a mask is a topic – a national conversation, and undoubtedly, this issue is pertinent to us on the Suncoast. What saddens me is the polarization mask/face covering provokes at a time in which we must all consider one another as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, coupled with the staggeringContinue Reading


A glass ceiling is a metaphor first coined by Marilyn Loden, a mid-level manager at a New York Telephone Company, in 1978. It represents a distinct invisible barrier that prevents women from rising above certain levels in their career despite dedication, excellent credentials, drive, and ambition—ultimately impacting life-long earning potential,Continue Reading


No Graduation Ceremony Our youngest daughter, Adina, along with thousands of other students from the class of 2020 throughout the nation, mourn the abrupt and unceremonious end to their college experience. She will not walk across the stage this Spring to receive her diploma in her highly anticipated college graduationContinue Reading