“You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.” I am not sure who said it first, but we all learned the merits of this old saying during our time in quarantine. Whether it was a visit with your favorite hair stylist or consuming your daily cup of Joe, theseContinue Reading


If you are peeking out your windows and considering making the move from couch to car, we have a fun, peaceful, and socially distanced event for you to consider. Sunflowers at Hunsader Farms! Picture, if you will, this: Gentle sounds of playful birds as they seem to lazily discuss theContinue Reading


Interview with Dr. Stephen Covert, Pine View School Principal In this period of uncertainty, classrooms remain silent while bedrooms and dining tables become our new learning nooks. With distance learning being their current circumstance, students look ahead to the fall and a return of normalcy, whatever that may look like.Continue Reading


If you have children of any age, then you are well versed in the massive fun a trampoline park can provide. DEFY Bradenton has become a home away from home for kids who find stretching their legs to be plain boring. So, they enter the doors of this popular trampolineContinue Reading


Every year, new words which emulate what is happening in society enter the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Some are catchy and inevitably become the norm in everyday conversations. Others are like nails on a chalkboard; silly, nonsensical words that become tiresome to hear. In 1960, the buzz words ‘trendsetting’ and ‘junk food’Continue Reading


Decades Rewind in Quarantine for now The Suncoast Post recently had the pleasure of catching up with Decade Rewind’s leader, Peter Gatti. We were excited to share exciting ventures coming up for the DR crew but, like all of us, plans have been shelved for now in favor of hunkeringContinue Reading