And, greetings, 2021!  Like a brand-new baby, we have been waiting for you, for almost nine months now.  It was about March that we all watched life unravel, and, well, we kind of feel you took your sweet time in getting here.  2020 turned out to be kind of aContinue Reading


As we wrap up 2020, and prepare to celebrate the wonders of Christmas, we wanted to wish all our readers a most Joyful and Merry Christmas!  It may not resemble the same holiday as in years past, but we hope it is special and meaningful to all.  Please remember thatContinue Reading


When you purchase holiday gifts from local stores, the ripple effects of your expenditure, large or small, have significant and lasting effects.  Gone are the days of packing the stores for Black Friday, then meandering out for a bit of community shopping during that one day known as Shop LocalContinue Reading


With 2020, we have learned to throw all expectations out the window as we ponder, “What is next?”  From a global pandemic to murder hornets, racial unrest and a divided country to an election that was not as cut and dried as some of us had wanted, this has beenContinue Reading


Acknowledging your gratitude for all that encompasses your journey through life is essential.  As we get older, that becomes abundantly clearer.  But sometimes you must shout your thankfulness to the rafters.  When you do that, it not only clears your soul for whatever is next, it also, hopefully, conveys justContinue Reading


There are certain smells, sounds, tastes, and moments that belong only to summer.  Even for those living in Florida, never really getting to experience four distinct seasons and often feeling like every day is like summer, the actual season of summer is special.  Maybe it is because, as kids itContinue Reading


In this upside-down COVID world we are living in, where being negative is really considered positive, and being positive is now just bad, there is one tool that is assisting those of us with a panic-stricken look on our face: The mask. I am not here to discuss whether youContinue Reading


A cute little coffee shop named Los Dos Cristianos in North Port reminds us that supporting small businesses likely means you are receiving a quality product and possibly spreading some good in the world.  Of course, you could get your daily cup of joe from Starbucks or grab your DunkinContinue Reading


But many special places exist in-between the giant Selby Gardens or Ringling grounds; places that we travel past every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a nice leisurely ride to some of the lesser known, yet incredibly special places that Sarasota offers?Continue Reading