More than eight years ago, a grassroots organization began with very few people. The Sarasota Downtown Merchants Association (now Downtown Sarasota Enrichment Association [DSEA]) was created to encourage community merchants to take responsibility and action for their businesses within the downtown core. Since that moment in time, the merchants haveContinue Reading


The El Melvin Inspiration…“Your Story is What You Make it” The El Melvin story is a story of inspiration and aspirations; it is a story that embodies the adage,” If you think you can, you will.” Melvin Mitchell was a man of faith …He kept his word.Melvin was a manContinue Reading


Downtown Sarasota has its very own metaphysical boutique! In addition to the beautiful and in some cases therapeutic gifts, Pixie Dust offers Ayurvedic Massage Therapy along with other treatments. One can enjoy the amazing effects of a massage with medicated herbal oils. The traditional abhyanga treatment includes a warm oilContinue Reading


For the first time in my days of driving, I was lucky to have a flat tire! Limped in to see if Reese’s Chevron could fix it quickly since I had timelines that day…they told me to come back in an hour. I walked down Main Street and found AvlíContinue Reading