Sarasota Grill & Pizzeria Open for pickup and delivery Sarasota Grill & Pizzeria is open during the Coronavirus outbreak to help the community. The folks in the Palmer Boulevard area of Sarasota are really lucky to have one of the newest restaurants open, Sarasota Grill & Pizzeria. The owners areContinue Reading


Bradenton Florida’s Favorite Cigar Bar, Cork’s, is Temporarily Closing For the past several weeks the crew at Cork’s Cigar Bar in Bradenton have been doing curbside pickup of cigars, cigarettes, beer, wine and liquor – all packaged products. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end as theyContinue Reading


Pi 3.14 Pizza & Blasé Cafe on Siesta Key offer combined Takeout/Curbside and Delivery for COVID-19 dining COVID-19 takeout and delivery dining has taken on a duo partnership twist with Pi 3.14 and sister restaurant Blasé Café. There’s a special takeout/curbside and delivery menu for diners craving pizza, wings andContinue Reading


What is ‘quarantine boredom’? It’s 5:00 in the afternoon. Earlier, you went for a walk practicing social distancing. You cleaned out your garage, you did some laundry and now you are totally bored. You are suffering from ‘quarantine boredom.’ What can you do? A nice cigar and glass of bourbonContinue Reading


Bradenton authorities close skatepark & splash pad but OK Riverwalk From Realize Bradenton Facebook Page – Riverwalk OPEN, but the Skatepark and Splash Pad are NOT. Be sure to social distance while you stretch your legs and stay 6 feet apart! From the Bradenton Police Department Facebook Page – DueContinue Reading


Hi. I am Felix Ratner, I am 10 years old, and I have been stuck at home for 3 weeks so far. This is what I think of it (my quarantine life!) It has been both fun and scary. A lot of fun playing videogames, taking walks and reading, yetContinue Reading


Cortez, Florida is known for its fishing, hardworking folks and a great breakfast-lunch place called The Cortez Café. Nothing fancy here, just good old home-style cooking. It’s where the locals go! Now it’s much easier to get that great breakfast or lunch with take-out & local delivery! Take-out and localContinue Reading