Shawn Michael O’Malley


For Shawn Michael O’ Malley, working with wood and reclaimed materials is a passion as deep as his soul and he’s as sentimental about his pieces and their history as a mother who’s given birth to her first child.

“The dining table is the stage in which a family’s story plays out,” he says, one of many quotes he spins about his pieces that seem to flow out of him as fast as a skill-saw cuts a two-by-four.

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Art Studio Saraota Florida


So says, Catherine Thomas as she announces Acrylic Painting Summer Camps 2016. She admits full confidence that the kids will prove her words. “I wanted to create a small, intimate setting where the kids will have a very unique and personal experience while getting the opportunity to explore acrylic painting in much greater depth than is typical.”

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When I think of ‘The Ringling,’ I think of the spectacular legacy John Ringling and his wife Mable left behind when constructing the Ringling Museum and their home Ca’d’Zan. Since its inception and opening in the 1930’s, then known as The John & Mable Ringling Museum, an extensive amount of work has gone into the surrounding campus.

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Liquid Art Designs


Liquid Art Designs is a fascinating voyage led by the artist, James Unger.   His  underwater view of marine life and his fresh interpretation and techniques are attracting the attention of many.  What James does with an airbrush and the style he has perfected, bring color, light, and marine life onto a canvas that is a riot of bright hues and the shades of blue of the surrounding Gulf and bay waters.   The reality of hammer head sharks, turtles, and a myriad of other sea creatures are presented in a lovely, real way, as well as being delightfully surreal.  It gives the viewer a lot to consider and a bird’s-eye-view of some breathtaking, one-of-a-kind representations found in  our Florida waters.

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Carole Stevens Bibisi - Sarasota Artwork


Carole Stevens Bibisi is an accomplished local artist and vocalist.  Using mixed media, she creates vibrant worlds of color filled with Angels, Goddesses, Mandalas, cats, and other figures.  Carole has created several children’s books and portions of her work may be viewed locally at the Art Center.  To view moreContinue Reading

Sarasota Artwork


Local Sarasota artist, Karin Schluter Billings, uses acrylics and oils to produce incredible expressionistic works of art.  Many abstracts – her recent passion – as well as Sarasota landscapes and figures can be seen in her amazing online gallery.  Her website was designed and created by Sande Caplin & AssociatesContinue Reading