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Fabio Dal Boni

Fabio Dal Boni Art- A New Perspective in Color

| Angela Naff |

Fabio Dal Boni features a unique artistic expression that lies somewhere between new pop and fine photography art. The bright splashes of color as sure to brighten up any space, and many of his pieces simply make you want to smile from the exuberant color and applications that seem to move when you do. As a globetrotting man of numerous trades from crisis management to being a journalist, his unique worldview has bred a creative eye for unique pieces that simply must be seen to fully appreciate. These are not one-dimensional pictures, but rather living breathing pieces of art that can appear to change due to the 3-D effect and luminescence that creating on metal brings.

All artwork that is purchased from his website comes with a rectangular rail installed on the back for easy hanging. Within minutes add a splash of color to a room or a soothing beach scene to calm the spirit. If you can’t find what you are creatively feeling in the catalog available on his WEBSITE, there is a form where you can commission a piece of art from Fabio Dal Boni that will be exactly what you need to finish your vision out to perfection.

Take a look at what the variety of pieces available for purchase on his WEBSITE for a list of pieces available and even art shows, where you can see his artwork in person.

When in Sarasota stop by in person at the gallery located at 25 North Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, FL 34236 from 10 to 6 p.m. daily.

Photos courtesy of Fabio Dal Boni website

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