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Art in Education

Art in Education: Why It’s Important for Students

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Art is a global language that allows people to communicate and express their feelings differently without making any bodily contact. The meaning of art is considered indefinite, so different people have different perspectives on how they perceive art. When describing art, most people perceive art as is meant for talented people only. This is not the case. In our daily activities, we all find ourselves engaging in activities that can be described as art. It can be either knowingly or unknowingly. For example, when going to school, you may find yourself singing as you ride your bike. This is art.

Art in Education

Since the evolution of humankind, art has always been part of our lives. Engaging yourself in art activities gives you the freedom to express your feelings, opinions, emotions, and ideas in many different ways. This means that art gives a sense of pleasure that is unmatched. Since we all perceive art differently, its impact on our lives cannot be measured. Primarily if it affects us emotionally, one cannot fathom our ordinary senses.

The advantages associated with art are numerous. But we have chosen to ignore these advantages for a while. Art subjects in our schools have very few students who are classified as poor students. The government is also looking for ways to cut the funding of art education in our public schools. Children who are growing under these setups are often misled and maybe experience biasedness when choosing a career to focus on. Many times we hear parents ask their children why they chose art instead of engineering or business courses. Where will art take you? How much money will you make if you pursue an art course? Some of these questions make us feel unsure of our love of art.

Art in Education

Reasons to Study Art

The impact art has in our lives is tangible and can be measured using different parameters. However, these levels can be challenging to comprehend. This article will address some of the explanations why art must be stressed in our schools irrespective of what course you are pursuing.

Art Brings Happiness

Research has shown that if one is exposed to art, whether directly or indirectly, they will be happier in life. The exposure can be even for two hours or less. Art has proven to help improve the mental health of patients and also helps in reducing stress. Not only does art make you happier, but it also enables you to become healthier. A healthy person is a happy person. The University of Michigan researched the relationship between art and low rates of high blood pressure. It concluded that individuals engaged in art activities displayed low blood pressure levels than those who didn’t. In other words, when you engage in art activities, you become stronger, healthier, and smarter.

Art Helps Students Improve Academically

We all have come across people who say art is essential to all students. The unanswered question left in our minds is how. Art research has revealed that a college student benefits from improved concentration in class and improves them academically. It’s called the Mozart effect. Kids who have been subjected to art at an early stage have been found to possess more incredible motor skills, and also, their cognitive development is improved compared to other kids. Better Cognitive Development increases math aptitudes in children.

Art Helps in Communication

An essay helper can use art to portray their feelings and emotions towards something or someone. Whenever you want to express yourself, and you lack words to define what you feel, try art. Art gives us unlimited ways to express our ideas from one level to another. For example, if you love someone, you could write them a poem. Poetry is also art.

Art Boosts Our Confidence Levels

Art can improve one’s confidence in ways you cannot imagine. We often see introverted children become confident when asked to perform or sing to a large audience. This shows how art transforms a person into an improved version. Shy people become talkative.

Art Helps Improve Our Decision-Making Aptitudes

Research has shown that art has played a significant role in improving our decision making problem-solving skills. For example, many are the times you ask yourself how one can express their feelings through dance. Through art, one can make better choices and decisions, which is a crucial lifestyle skill you need in life.

The above reasons have shown how influential art is to our livelihoods. Art should be emphasized in school and also practiced in our daily activities.

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