Anne De Carbuccia's ONE OCEAN Short Film Will Have Its U.S. Premiere At The Sarasota Film Festival 2019

Anne De Carbuccia’s ONE OCEAN Short Film Will Have Its U.S. Premiere At The Sarasota Film Festival 2019

One Planet One Future announces that the short documentary film, ONE OCEAN, directed by leading female environmental artist, Anne de Carbuccia, will make its U.S. Premiere at The Sarasota Film Festival in April 2019. ONE OCEAN had its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

ONE OCEAN is a visual journey that takes viewers to twenty-six different locations to convey the message that during this epoch of significant human impact to the planet, everything is connected. From the warming of the planet to the burning forests in Siberia and the massive consumption of single-use plastics, all have direct and dire consequences for the Ocean.


Anne travels to some of the world’s most remote locations always creating TimeShrines, as she calls them, to honor and document the beauty; and to show us what we have, what we are losing and what we have already lost. She uses her art as an instrument to inspire us to believe that there is still time if we commit to change. The cinematography is meditative, and purposely seduces the audience with the wonder of the natural world. What Anne has seen in the depths of our blue planet is so dramatic and so different from her childhood memories. The vivid colors that she remembers as a young girl in Corsica are vanishing with the reefs.

Anne De Carbuccia's One Ocean short film will have it's U.S. premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival in Sarasota, FLThe film reminds us that we all depend on the ocean no matter where we live. The ocean affects our climate; it feeds us, cures us, gifts us, helps us breathe and makes us dream. Anne’s tone is optimistic and hopeful that together we can become a positive geological force and be one with and for the ocean.

Recently Anne was named by InStyle Magazine a “Top 50 Badass Women” at #5 changing the world for the better in their February 2019 The Badass Women’s Issue. Anne’s mission is to use her art and film to highlight human-caused threats to the planet including water scarcity, endangered species, pollution and disappearing environments. She travels to some of the world’s most remote locations to draw attention to the current environmental crisis and inspire people to change behaviors and habits that contribute to it.

Visit Sarasota Film Festival website for available tickets.

Photos from Sarasota Film Festival.

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