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alexart international art gallery

AlexArt International Art Gallery in Sarasota, FL

| Alexa Scanziani |

Welcome Back!

AlexArt International Art Gallery is now open! We are offering 20% off and new safety measures.

The safety and well-being of our customers and friends have always been our top priority. This is why, in Phase 1, we are adding new safety practices to support the health and wellness of everybody.

Social distancing

We will keep 6-foot separation when assisting you. And we will limit the number of clients in the store.


We use and encourage masks in the gallery.


Follow the blue line on the floor. Do not cross it, preserve the artworks untouched. We will be happy to assist you.

Personal Shopping

To schedule a convenient time to shop One-On-One, just call/text 813-465-1249. We will book Personal Shopping appointments before or after our public hours.

Virtual Shopping

If you prefer to avoid social interaction entirely right now you can call 813-465-1249 and choose the artworks via Facetime.

Visit our collection. Contact us at

Be Safe, Be Healthy. Enjoy Art!

Editor’s Note: AlexArt International Art Gallery has wonderful receptions for artists throughout the year. Here’s a great story about one last year you might enjoy.

Photo from AlexArt website.

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