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Vicky Sullivan Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple in 2 days!

Traveling to New York City from the Tampa Bay area is a two-hour plane ride!  You can fly from SRQ, Tampa or Orlando.  All airports offer non-stop flights to all the NYC area major airports.  You can stay in Manhattan where hotel prices are higher but convenient to all the tourist attractions you will want to see especially if you are a first time visitor. 

Vicky Sullivan- My Favorite Record Album, Montrose

When I was 5 years old, my father came home with a 45” record of The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”! I had one of those little 60’s record players and I played that record over & over. I didn’t really know who The Beatles were or how much they would influence music then but I knew I loved that record!


KAABOO is a music and arts festival in it’s 2nd year in San Diego! The Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds hosted the KAABOO crowd. For the size of this festival, it is a perfect venue. Unsure of the numbers, Saturday’s party had to have been 50,000- 100,000. Traffic driving from LA stretched down the 5 for miles. The lineup of artists like Flo Rida, Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, The Struts, Lenny Kravitz and Aerosmith made it a sold out day!

Vicky Sullivan- American Idol’s Swan Song


American Idol says goodbye this year with their final season.  Sarasota and Bradenton have both brought talent to the Fox show in the 15 years it’s been on the air.  In Season 7, Sarasota’s Syesha Mercado became a Top 3 finalist!  Being Top 3 meant Idol would come to Sarasota for the hometown celebrations that are taped for the show. The Idol cameras came to Booker High School where Syesha had attended. There was a concert at the Ringling Museums grounds with thousands of Sarasota residents cheering on their hometown girl.  Beautiful Sarasota was shown in its entire splendor nationwide on Idol.  Syesha has gone on to star in one of the biggest shows on Broadway, “Book of Mormon” and came home last summer to perform at a sold out show with the Sarasota Orchestra at Ed Smith Stadium.  She is currently recording in New York City.

Vicky Sullivan, Are You Kidding? No Way!

Go back about 2 years ago.  I asked Vicky to meet me for lunch.  I always enjoyed her photos and had an idea that would be mutually beneficial to both of us.  One of the things that we discussed was that whenever she shoots photos there was always another photographer or two who would jockey […]

2 Superb Local Sarasota-Bradenton Musicians, Billy Rice and Greg Poulos “Getting It Together”

No one can dispute the fact that Billy Rice and Greg Poulos have been performing for many years and have played with some of the best musicians from around the world. Check out Vicky Sullivan’s article about Greg in The Sarasota Post and you will get a great in-site about Greg’s career. Over the years, Greg has performed with the best of the best!

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