What: Community Blood Drive hosted by the Suncoast Science Center/Faulhaber Fab (SSC) Lab in partnership with SunCoast Blood Centers (SCBC).  The two organizations have partnered to host a blood drive and address urgent blood and platelet deficiencies in the area. All successful blood donations made at the drive will beContinue Reading

What’s On? The Suncoast This Week, 7/6 – 7/13


Every week we hope to entice you to go out and do something fun in the area. Maybe you’ll see something you never thought you’d try, but now you think you might! This area of Florida is filled with interesting things to do and see and experience. Get out there and do it!

Love Is In The Air On The Florida Suncoast


Well, it is May, folks, and that means millions of sex-crazed, love-hungry and suicidal love bugs will be making that fatal splat on our windshields. It sounds like a scene out of a bad science fiction movie where perhaps a supersized love bug swoops down to consume earth, or maybe just the paint off of every car bumper on the planet but, no, this is just springtime in Florida.

Sarasota Summer Camp


Well, it’s the middle of May and there’s no maybe about it, summer will be upon us in no time.  As final exams and end-of-year programs are held at school, kids are in the final stages of work mode, ready to slip-n-slide into summer.  Visions of slumber parties and somersaults off the high dive into a pool where they shall prune themselves for hours on end are on the minds of many young people right now.  Other kids can’t wait to test their limits in extreme sports and intensive robotics camps.  The kids are ready, but the larger question is, parents, are you ready?  

Sarasota’s Fab Lab is Bringing Dreams to Life


At first glance, the massive machinery and bright green signage remind you of a lab you might see in an engineering firm or professional design lab.  Impressive works in progress including a built from scratch airplane with wings that span five-feet and boats in process of having the hulls crafted are scattered throughout the building.