Great Fall Fishing With Siesta Key Fishing Charters In Sarasota, FL


Fall is an excellent time of year to be fishing in Sarasota! The weather is mild and the crowds are gone. And, while fall changes are subtle, the change does occur. Days will be shorter, the angle of the sun changes, and water temperatures drop down into the mid 70’s. This triggers a migration of game fish along the Gulf Coast.

Siesta Key Beach Runs Through the End of July


A wonderful changing of the guard occurs along the shores of Siesta Key Beach every day. There’s nothing particularly British about it, and the fanfare does not lie before some great palace. Well, that last part is not entirely true. The palace we curtsy and bow for is a picturesque line of aqua blue water that hugs a sandy white beach so bright it makes the completely cloudless, blue sky above glow with a relentless brilliance.


What are you doing for Easter?  It’s hard to believe but Easter Sunday is just around the corner.  It’s pretty early this year, just a few weeks behind St. Paddy’s day.  It seems like most of us, including me, are just now thinking about things to do.  I personally don’t want to get all dressed up and sit somewhere stuffy, but I still want to do something on this special day.

Reopen Beach Road Siesta Key Florida


Raffles, buffet, live music…what more can you ask for on Sunday Funday? How about all this fun for a great cause! This Sunday October 16th is a fundraising event to Reopen Beach Road on Siesta Key and to keep Beach Road Public at the Blasé Café on Siesta Key.

Siesta Key, CeviChela


If you are unfamiliar with ceviche, I urge you to step outside of your comfort zone and head down to Siesta Key immediately. CeviChela has only been open for less than a month and already this new spot is packing a line out of the door. The new restaurant is the latest endeavor by Chef Darwin Santa Maria. He is known for being masterful in his Peruvian cuisine and CeviChela proves to be no different.