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Charity Events- Where Is Your Donation Going?

Note from The Sarasota Post- Before you donate to a charity or charity event check to see that a third party is involved to collect and disperse the funds, and receipts will be made available for how the money was spent after the event is over and that includes accounts like “Go Fund Me”.  Thank you Jodi Schwarzenbach for writing this important story.

Southwest Florida is Blooming

In honor of Earth Day and all the fantastic colors and greens blooming in our yards, let’s talk about the benefits of planting easy-to-grow plants, flowers, and vegetables in your outdoor spaces.  I am going to say the best smelling flowering bush in Florida could be jasmine.  Obviously, this is my personal opinion born from […]

Sunday Fun Day At Wellen Park in Venice, Florida

Farmer’s market enthusiasts in the area, please add the Fresh Harvest Farmer’s Market at  Wellen Park to your Sunday morning calendars.  With dozens of vendors selling beautiful produce, fresh foods, soaps, and candles, and situated in a charming eclave of fountains, play areas, great food, live music and interesting gathering places, this is a farmer’s […]

The 18th Year

The 18th year of your child’s life and their senior year in high school is magical, busy and overwhelmingly exciting.  It is also gut-wrenching for a mom whose frantic appeal for more time with her boy is met with speeding sands hurling through the hourglass.  They don’t mention this phase in the “everything you need […]

A Wonderful Year in Review Here at The Suncoast Post

As we are gearing up for a new year here on the Suncoast and The Suncoast Post, we are looking at the past year. We had a busy year in many respects in 2022, from weather to massive concerts; it was an eventful time for all. Later in the year, we had a hurricane hit […]

Christmas Miracles Abound

The joy and happiness that surrounds the holidays is spectacular.  Seeing the delight people have in sharing gifts given with great thought is so lovely, and to be on the receiving end of this act of kindness is special.  And to see the children. Well, that is what it is all about.  If we could […]

Food Tastes Better Outdoors

Out of the hurricane came a few lessons about simple living.  The experience also highlighted the importance of food, not only for basic sustenance, but also how it effects our mental state.  The first thing we did when we figured out it could be weeks before our power was restored was to set up a […]

From Cub to Eagle: One Suncoast Scout’s Journey

I remember when my son came home from school that day in second grade, eager to tell us there was a meeting for anyone interested in Cub Scouts.  We decided to attend, and once they started talking about camping, spending summers out in nature, earning merit badges, and a code of ethics you had to […]

New Year, New You?

Happy New Year!  Can you believe our great fortune in witnessing another year rolling in?  The older you get the more important this becomes.  For those who know, you know.  2022, can you believe it?  We are all a little bit wiser and weathered by the past couple of years.  It has become such a […]

Rita Moreno Documentary
Signals Opening of Sarasota Film Festival

Opening night of Sarasota Film Festival kicked off with Roadside Attractions’ documentary, Rita Moreno:  Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It.  Though COVID restrictions prevented the lavish fanfare that normally accompanies the first event of the internationally acclaimed Sarasota Film Festival, the vibe of the film-loving guests in the auditorium seemed grateful to […]

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