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Impact100 SRQ Enters Fifth Giving Year with New Leadership 

The 2022 Impact100 SRQ Board of Directors unanimously elected Pam Kandziora as its new President, making the announcement to its membership at their recent Annual Celebration & Award Ceremony in November.   Pam joined Impact100 SRQ as a founding member in 2019 and immediately became active, beginning her pathway to leadership by volunteering in a variety […]

IMPACT100 SRQ Distributes more than six hundred thousand dollars to Sarasota and Manatee County Non-Profit Organizations

Growing up, I learned that my local community was the most critical place to affect change. Today, I experienced the force of female-powered philanthropy locally as a member of Impact100 SRQ. We gathered excitedly on the picturesque campus of New College, Sarasota, awaiting presentations from the ten Impact100 SRQ grant finalists at the annual celebration […]

Impact100 SRQ Raises a Record-Shattering $663,000 for Local Non-Profit Organizations

Impact100 SRQ revealed that they had raised a record-breaking $663,00 in collective donations, which will fund six transformational grants of $110,500 each to be awarded to local non-profits this giving year. These women changemakers have an inclusive culture and a unified mission to realize and impact unmet community needs. I had the pleasure of speaking […]

Woman’s Philanthropy – Impact100 SRQ is Changing Lives Locally

Finding Joy & Meaning The Japanese concept, “ikigai,” means finding joy by living life purposefully. As humans, we may be hard-wired to ponder our “why.” What provides meaning to our lives? Impact100 SRQ is fast becoming that unifying why for women in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Cross-Generational Philanthropy Impact100 unites cross-generational philanthropic women from diverse […]

IMPACT100 SRQ awards four grants of $101,000 each for the 2021 Giving Year

On November 6, 2021, the Suncoast’s premier Women’s Collective giving organization awarded four grants of $101,000 each to four local nonprofits at its Annual Celebration held at Art Ovation. Local nonprofits who completed Impact100 SRQ’s online Eligibility Form and satisfied its criteria were invited to submit their grant applications earlier this year.  They specifically identified […]

Impact100 SRQ Announces 5 Grant Finalists For 2021

On November 6th, Impact100 SRQ will award four grants of $101,000 each to nonprofits in Sarasota and Manatee Counties that have been selected by its members. To read the complete executive summary for each initiative go HERE. Arts & Culture: Sarasota Orchestra. Initiative:  On the Road “Parks and Partners”. The proposed initiative will expand and […]

IMPACT100 SRQ Raises $404,000 To Fund Local Nonprofits in Sarasota and Manatee Counties

At their annual “Big Reveal” held last night at Nathan Benderson Park Finishing Tower, Impact100 SRQ announced 404 members have raised $404,000 to fund four transformational grants to local nonprofits in Sarasota and Manatee Counties for 2021. “This year’s record-breaking membership growth is a testimony to passion and commitment for our local community.  So many […]

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